Weave Hair Extensions
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Weave Hair Extensions

You can wear weave extensions in a variety of ways - they can be either woven (hence their name "weave"), sewn, clipped-in or even glued into your hair. They really are super versatile and, of course, fully reusable. 

Our dip-dyed items allow you to create amazing colour combinations by blending the colours of your choice, ranging from natural blacks, blondes and coppers to vibrant purples, reds and pinks.

  • 100% Brazilian Remy human hair
  • Double-drawn
  • 140g per packet
  • 78" width (almost 2 metres long)
  • Length: from 16'' to 22''
  • Minimal damage to your hair (if professionally applied, removed and properly maintained)
  • Wide range of applications (your hair professional can help you decide which method will best suit your own hair and your lifestyle)
  • Single colour or Dip-dyed items available so you can create vibrant colour combos
  • Fully reusable (up to 1 year, depending on the type of application)

How to apply Weave Hair Extensions

Unless you really are familiar with applying weave hair extensions, we recommend you get the help of a hair professional.

Use Weave to create or customise your own clip-in extensions

We sell an amazing range of clip-in hair extensions. However you can customise them, depending on just how much fullness/length you want to add. Simply cut strips of weft of any width you like and then glue or sew them to your existing clips. You can create lots of little clip wefts - some long, some super thick - the choice is yours.

Happy shopping!