Colour Matching
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Colour Matching

Colour Matching

Matching hair extensions with the right part of your hair 

Most of us have different tones in our hair; hair on the sides, back and front of your head can all be of a slightly different shade so it is important that you match the right bit.

- For a ponytail, match the colour on the top and sides of your hair because the extensions will be closest to them.

- For a 3/4 or a half wig, match the colour at the very front of your head and above your forehead, because so much of the rest of your own hair will be hidden from view.

- Clip-in and tape-in extensions will usually need to blend in with the colour at the end of your hair.

Choosing the right colour

Wrong Colour Free Returns

Online colour charts are not 100% reliable and should only be considered as a guideline. This is because the type of electronic device you're using (PC; Tablet; Mobile phone) can distort the colours displayed on your screen.

- For real human hair extensions, we highly recommend that you borrow a Remy hair colour ring (only £29.99 refundable deposit required). That way you can see for yourself which colour works best against your own hair. Whether you decide to buy a product from us or not, just return the colour ring and we'll even refund you the postage!

- For synthetic hair extensions, we highly recommend that you borrow a synthetic colour ring (only £5.99 refundable deposit required). Again, whether you decide to buy a product from us or not, just return the colour ring and we'll even refund you the postage.

- You can also post us a snip of your own hair and we'll find the matching colour for you, free of charge.

- If you decide to go ahead with your purchase without first borrowing a colour ring or sending us a snippet of your hair, remember, we offer a No Hassle Money Back Guarantee in case it turns out the colour (or length) you selected is not what you want. Please note that we'll refund the value of the product but you are liable to pay for return postage. However, this excludes non-standard items (anything over 22" length and/or mixed colours). So for any items longer than 22" or in more than one colour, we highly recommend that you first borrow a colour ring.

Video - How To Choose Your Hair Extension Colour

Check our video for more useful tips and advice. If after watching it you're still unsure about selecting the right colour for your hair extensions, please get in touch and our staff will be more than happy to advise you before you buy.