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What Are The Benefits Of “Remy” Hair Extensions?

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Want to know what's so special about Remy hair...?

Remy human hair extensions are often tangle-free; they shed less and last longer than non-Remy hair extensions.

Woman-wondering about Remy hair extensions

Unfortunately, low-quality non-Remy hair extensions abound on the Internet, with some unscrupulous suppliers mixing synthetic with human hair while still labelling it as “real” or “100% human". Typically, these inferior “human” hair quality extensions retail really cheaply (under £50) but, be warned, they will shed very quickly and tangle and matte up like crazy!

Here are some pointers to avoid you getting "stung"...

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Are Human Hair Extensions For Me?

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Not sure if Remy human hair extensions are the right option for you? Confused about which quality to go for?

Read on for some great tips...


Always choose 100% human hair

The main thing to look for when buying human hair is to make sure it's 100% human, not a synthetic/human mix. You’d normally pay premium price for them because you’ll be to apply heat, curl them, trim them, wash them, dye them… the same as you’d normally do with your own hair. If the hair is not 100% human, you won’t be able to do that, and the extensions won’t last as long...

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