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What Are Hair Extensions?

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Hair Extensions - A Beginner's Guide

Fancy longer, thicker hair but aren't sure what hair extensions you should buy? Then this Beginner's Guide to Hair Extensions is for you!

One thing is certain, whichever type you choose, no-one should know you are actually wearing them in the first place, provided you wear them correctly...

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Thinning Hair And Hair Extensions

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Which Hair Extensions should I choose if my hair is already thin or damaged?

Hair extensions provide an attractive and affordable solution if you want to wear a hairstyle that you couldn't dream of achieving naturally. However, if your hair is already thin or damaged, you really need to be careful.

Here are 4 great suggestions to help you choose the right - and safer - hair extensions if you already have thin or damaged hair...

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