Are Synthetic Hair Extensions For Me?
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Are Synthetic Hair Extensions For Me?

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Not sure if synthetic hair extensions are the right option for you?

Learn all about synthetic hair extensions to help you decide... 


What is synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair comprises of man-made plastic fibres, specially created to look like human hair. It's available in lots of different colours, from jet black to platinum blonde; they can even include brighter shades like blue, red or dip dyed (meaning the extensions are dyed in 2 colours – one colour from the root until mid length, another colour from mid-length to the tips).

Why Synthetic hair extensions are so great

Synthetic hair gets a bad rap in some quarters, but the key is to get the right quality. High quality synthetic hair extensions can be real time and money savers.

Here are a few reasons why we love high quality synthetic…

Low cost

Synthetic hair extensions are a lot cheaper than real human hair extensions, so they’re the ideal choice if you aren't 100% sure on a particular style and don’t want to risk investing a substantial amount of money. Our half wigs and ponytails typically cost less than £20-25, which is a damn sight cheaper than a trip to the hairdressers! So if you're looking for the wow factor for a night out or a special occasion without breaking the bank (or having to sit at the hairdressers for a couple of hours!), you might find that a synthetic hairpiece will help you achieve the look you’re after.

Heat resistance

Heat resistant synthetic can be curled of straightened (although it's often easier to straighten curly synthetic than to try to curl the straight ones). Our range of heat resistant synthetic extensions can all be styled, provided you use a low setting (less than 180 degrees C – remember, they’re plastic!).

Memory styling

Although we don't recommend that you wash synthetic hair extensions, it's handy to know that synthetic hair extensions have a 'memory' – if ever you needed to rinse them, just leave them to air dry and they’ll pop back into their original shape.


Because synthetic fibre is cheaper than Remy human hair, you can get a lot more hair wefts if you choose synthetic, so if your own hair is super thick, this can be a consideration. A full head of synthetic hair is nearly always a lot thicker than a full head of human hair.

Quick to apply

Synthetic hair extensions come in lots of different styles, from poker straight to super curly - and everything in between! Synthetic extensions can save you bags of time as all you have to do it apply the extensions, blend them in and you're good to go, often in less than 10 minutes!

Things to watch out with synthetic hair extensions

  • Standard synthetic hair extensions can't be heated, they will just melt if you try to straighten, curly or blow dry them.
  • Synthetic hair doesn't last as long as human hair, so if you want to wear the same extensions over and over again, you're probably best to invest in human hair extensions.
  • Curly synthetic products tend to get matted more easily and are harder to de-tangle. 
  • Customers often ask how long synthetic hair extensions are supposed to last. The honest answer is that it depends on the style of the product, and how well you take care of it. Some customers buy a half head wig only expecting to wear it once, while others will get 6 wears out of it. Similarly, clip-in extensions can last a week or a month, depending on how well you look after them (and how tangled they get over time). Remember, both human hair and synthetic hair extensions need to be taken care of for maximum longevity.
  • Never sleep wearing your extensions! Not only you’ll damage them, but you’ll also damage your own hair as they’ll pull the roots!
  • If you send us a photo of your hair (one with flash, one without), we’ll find the right colour match for you, free of charge, or let you borrow a colour ring for the most accurate result.

A Final Tip...

Synthetic hair can look shinier than your own hair. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a half head wig because you won't see much of your own hair and the overall effect will be super healthy and glossy. However, if you are looking to dampen down the shine, a quick spray of dry shampoo usually does the trick (we don’t recommend you use water to avoid tangling).

Our verdict

If you are new to hair extensions, or if you like to experiment with different colours and styles, or if you’re on a tight budget (or timetable), synthetic extensions could be the perfect choice for you.

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