Are Human Hair Extensions For Me?
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Are Human Hair Extensions For Me?

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Not sure if Remy human hair extensions are the right option for you? Confused about which quality to go for?

Read on for some great tips...

wondering-if-human-hair-extensions-are-for-meAlways choose 100% human hair

The main thing to look for when buying human hair is to make sure it's 100% human, not a synthetic/human mix. You’d normally pay premium price for them because you’ll be to apply heat, curl them, trim them, wash them, dye them… the same as you’d normally do with your own hair. If the hair is not 100% human, you won’t be able to do that, and the extensions won’t last as long.

Always choose Remy grade hair

Once you know the hair is 100% human, make sure it’s Remy (also spelt “remi”) grade. Remy hair is cut from the donor with the cuticles left intact, which means it tangles less and looks healthier.

Always choose “double-drawn”

"Double-drawn" means the hair is thicker and more natural looking because shorter or damaged hairs get removed by hand during the manufacturing process. Double-drawn Remy hair is the most natural looking hair extension you can get – think of it as the “Rolls Royce” of hair extensions. Properly looked after, double-drawn hair extensions can last for a year or more. Single-drawn hair tends to look straggly at the ends and users often hair end up chopping off a couple of inches to even it out, so it’s not that economical in the long run. Double-drawn hair is a little bit pricier than single-drawn, but you’ll save time and money over time. Dolled Up Remy hair extensions are all double-drawn, not single-drawn, as it is the better quality of the two, hands down!

Why Remy hair extensions are so great

  • Given the right shade, even hair professionals won't be able to tell those luscious locks aren't your own and the texture, weight and shine should blend naturally with your own. 
  • They are widely available in lots of colours, mostly natural ones like blacks, browns, blondes and reds but also a few more daring ones like burgundy, green and purple. We can also create custom hair in dip dye or two tones. Send us a photo of your hair and we’ll find the right colour match for you, free of charge.
  • Human hair is the only choice for semi permanent extensions (clip-ins, weaves and tape-ins) because they will be attached for 6 weeks or more at a time. This means it's super important that you can wash and care for them like you do your own hair. Synthetic hair extensions (even heat resistant) won’t allow such versatility. 

Things to watch out with human hair extensions

  • Human hair extensions are a lot pricier than synthetic ones, so if you don't wear extensions that often or if you're on a budget, you might find that synthetic does you just as well. 
  • Human hair requires styling so factor the time it will take you to get ready! If you are curling your hair you'll need to curl your extensions too (they do hold a style quite well - if you curl them they should be okay for the next day, too)
  • Human hair requires maintenance. For example, detangling knots as soon as possible; using a heat protector; etc... This basic maintenance routine for human hair extensions is just common sense but if you ignore it, their longevity will be greatly reduced.
  • Make sure you select the right colour! If you send us a photo of your hair (one with flash, one without), we’ll find the right colour match for you, free of charge, or let you borrow a colour ring for the most accurate result.

Our verdict

If you’re ready to invest in durable hair extensions, real human hair extensions is the obvious choice but do shop around for quality, not just the price tag. Always ensure they are double-drawn, Remy and 100% human, and you won’t go far wrong (that’s the case for all Dolled Up’s human hair extensions). However, if you’re on a budget, or if you’re new to wearing hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions would be the better option for you.

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