Thinning Hair And Hair Extensions
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Thinning Hair And Hair Extensions

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Which Hair Extensions should I choose if my hair is already thin or damaged?

Hair extensions provide an attractive and affordable solution if you want to wear a hairstyle that you couldn't dream of achieving naturally. However, if your hair is already thin or damaged, you really need to be careful.

Here are 4 great suggestions to help you choose the right - and safer - hair extensions if you already have thin or damaged hair...

1. Wear hair extensions only sparingly to prevent any further stress and pull to your hair. Never wear hair extensions every day or go to bed with them still on. All you'd accomplish is wreck your extensions and ultimately cause further hair loss, it really isn't worth it. You may even need to reconsider the type of hair extensions you've been wearing up to now. This may mean a drastic change to your beauty routine but it's a necessary one.

2. If your hair is thin only on top, avoid clip-in pieces to prevent further hair loss. Choose a 3/4 piece or a half wig instead, especially those that comb over rather than clip in to your hair. You'll enjoy the extra thickness and volume they provide. If your hair is too thin or sparse to back comb over the join, consider wearing a pretty hair band as a nice little complement.

3. If your hair tends to be thinner at the back, and provided it isn't too long, try a clip-in fringe to add a little more volume for special occasions. If you want to wear your hair up, you could even get away with pinning a scrunchie. 

4. Give full head wigs a try. Admittedly, the idea of a wig could seem off putting at first but Dolled Up wigs are really natural looking; they can also be trimmed to your preference. While you might choose to go for something similar to your own style, why not make a bold statement and opt for something radically different? You may find that you actually feel more comfortable and stylish with a wig that is a completely different to your hair in terms of colour and style. Yes, people who know you will notice the change in hairstyle, but total strangers in the street or in bars will be none the wiser! Rather than feeling worried that friends, colleagues and family will notice the transformation, you could use your new hairstyle as a talking point (and leave out the bit about your hair thinning out). Despite looking so realistic, the fantastic thing about Dolled Up synthetic wigs is that most are under £30, so playing around with different styles and shades won't cost the earth.

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