Can Hair Extensions Damage My Own Hair?
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Can Hair Extensions Damage My Own Hair?

Posted by Regis Angeras on

Can you enjoy longer, thicker hair without ruining your own?

It's a common dilemma. Whether it's from ageing or just good old Mother Nature taking her course, sometimes our hair gets thinner and lifeless.

Many women look to hair extensions as the ideal fix - after all, they're cheap, easy to maintain and look great! However, wearing hair extensions over many years could also result in fine, thin hair and even bald patches. So how can you enjoy longer, thicker hair without ruining your own?

Here are some great advice on how to wear hair extensions without ruining your own hair long term...

1. Avoid prolonged or excessive use

Like with many things in life, moderation is key. Even if your hair isn't thin, don't wear hair extensions every day.

2. Only use great products

Substandard products and faulty fittings can damage your own hair. If you normally favour clip-ins, check out the clips on your extensions. Make sure they're not too sharp as they may pull your hair out. You can buy hair extension clips separately so you can replace them if you need to.

If you prefer wearing a more permanent type of hair extensions, we recommend you switch to Invisible Extensions. Why? Because tape-ins will be much gentler on your hair (as well as looking much more natural).

3. Mix it up

Don't wear the same kind of hair extensions everyday. Try to have a couple of days off too. Don't wear clip-ins day in, day out as these can rub on your scalp and cause inflammation. Try alternating clip-ins with a half head wig, or a ponytail/scrunchie/bun to give your hair enough time to recover.

4. Don't sleep wearing your hair extensions

This is a big no-no, regardless of how heavy your night has been. Not only will you probably wreck your hair extensions, but you will most likely pull on your own hair when you wriggle around in your sleep

5. Always follow the care instructions

If you are using semi-permanent hair extensions, like Invisible Extensions, bonds or glue, make sure you follow the care instructions, like plaiting your hair at night, brushing the tugs and using a leave-in conditioner as part of your beauty regime.

Indeed, yes, you can enjoy thicker, longer hair without ruining your own hair, provided you do not overuse hair extensions and ignore the care instructions.

Happy Shopping!

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